KidsTek Welcomes New High School Instructor

KidsTek Welcomes New High School Instructor

We would like to welcome our newest Instructor, Mark Smith, to the KidsTek team!

Mark will be teaching for KidsTek at Hinkley High School in Aurora. When asked about what makes him most excited to work for KidsTek, he said “The potential for providing additional developmental opportunities for people that may not have access otherwise.  My personal experience is that one of the most valuable gifts in life is to help others.” He enjoys teaching because of the positive changes that you see and are a part of in the students’ lives.

Mark has been working in computer information systems and engineering for over 20 years.  This included rewarding experience with the United States Navy, government defense facilities, Fortune 500 corporations, research labs, public utilities, and universities.

Mark’s most recent job previous to KidsTek was as a Director for a Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) where his job was to bring CMU renowned computer engineering courses to underprivileged students internationally. He enjoyed working with professors from around the world in developing this program.

Mark is passionate about learning both professionally and personally. “We live in a rapidly changing world.  Every day we are exposed to millions of bits and pieces of information through the internet and our digital devices.  We have a phenomenal amount of information at the touch of a keyboard or touch screen.  How does one keep up with all of this and efficiently find and learn the right things? My daily quest is to master this and share this with others.”

During his spare time, Mark enjoys coaching kids in soccer, basketball and baseball. He describes himself as both introspective and intuitive which has come in handy as a teacher, manager, business owner and technician.

We are looking forward to working with Mark and having him as a part of our team!




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