KidsTek Team Attends Conflict Resolution Training

KidsTek Team Attends Conflict Resolution Training

Jonathan Dickerson, Director of Development at The Center for Relationship Education (CRE,) recently joined the KidsTek team to present a workshop on group dynamics, staff personalities, perspective and the importance of building and maintaining relationships. The mission of CRE  is to equip individuals of all ages with skills for developing healthy relationships among family, friends, romantic partners and co-workers. This latest team in-service was coordinated by our Executive Director, Aimee Charlton, who prioritizes educational opportunities for the employees of KidsTek.

Jonathan started off the training by asking the employees to stand up and have specific conversations with each other. Everyone instantly was smiling and curious about each person’s unique answers. Jonathan reiterated how important conversation and true connection is for us as humans. Much of this training was used to show the importance of perspective in relationships. By talking through different personality types, Jonathan was able to make it obvious that so much conflict can be proactively solved if people are willing to see an issue from another person’s perspective.

The information that was learned and the real-world application of the material that was given by Jonathan will benefit many relationships that each KidsTek team member has. The Center for Relationship Education did a wonderful job of adjusting the material to fit the needs of KidsTek and create a beneficial learning environment for our team.

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