KidsTek Summer Class Builds Candy Motherboards

KidsTek Summer Class Builds Candy Motherboards

Near the end of the KidsTek summer middle school program this month, students had the opportunity to peer into a disassembled computer.  Andrew Bissland, Program Director for KidsTek, taught a lesson on “computer anatomy” and explained the function of different computer components.  This activity created an engaging atmosphere in the classroom and set up the activity that followed quite well.  After students had their introductory lesson on computer hardware, KidsTek instructor Emily Tow then had them build their own computer motherboards.

To make the activity a little sweeter, each student got a handful of different candies that were specifically chosen to resemble the pieces of the computer that they had just learned about.  Each student pieced these candies together, using frosting, to create their own “motherboard.”   This activity is a great representation of how KidsTek aspires to create project-based lessons in order to teach students valuable skills.

Program Manager Meghan Lang said, “It is exciting to see our students light up when they get to see the hardware inside a computer. By creating these candy motherboards, it took this exciting knowledge to the next level by having them apply it in a fun and creative way.”

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