KidsTek students work on Communication Skills

KidsTek students work on Communication Skills

Rita Devassy, founder of Deva Seed, visited North High School to work with KidsTek students on self-awareness and communication skills. Rita works with business leaders to develop a sense of self-awareness and helps them monitor and regulate their own behavior. Since these skills are valued in the work place, teaching students to practice these skills early can be valuable.

During her visit, students started off with a short meditation led by Rita. After that, students interacted in a couple of different activities that required them to communicate without talking. The final activity was a small reflection on ways that all humans interact with each other and how it is important to have self-awareness with how you are communicating with people throughout each day.

Overall, this visit from Rita provided KidsTek students with new tools for communication and a chance to practice their critical thinking skills. The engagement within the activities was sincere and the outcome was positive. KidsTek tries to provide a well-rounded experience for our students!

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