KidsTek Student of the Month, March 2015 – Jonas Brito

KidsTek Student of the Month, March 2015 – Jonas Brito

Congratulations to Jonas Brito, the KidsTek Student of the Month!  Jonas is enrolled as a middle schooler at STEM Launch K-8th in Thornton, and has been attending KidsTek programs since November, 2013 (completing seven class sessions of KidsTek!)  During this time, Jonas has learned a variety of technology skills, from Microsoft Office to game programming.  He demonstrated some of those skills during an end-of-session celebration at STEM Launch last month.  When his primary presentation would not work properly, Jonas was prepared and was able to do an alternate presentation with PowerPoint.  Jonas said, “It takes lots of effort, but it’s always good to have a back-up plan when working with computers.”

Jonas has also been recognized as an outstanding participant in our program at STEM Launch and was given a new laptop from KidsTek!  Each program session, middle school students enrolled in KidsTek have an opportunity to receive a laptop so they can continue learning about computers at home and share their skills with their family.  Recipients of the laptop must demonstrate excellent leadership skills, have consistent attendance and complete the assigned projects.  Jonas was nominated as this session’s recipient by his instructor, Kendra Occhipinti, because he showed the most growth during the session and really became a role model to other students in the class.

Jonas says the best thing about being in KidsTek is “the thrill and excitement of using computers after school!”  Besides learning new technology, Jonas enjoys playing a wide variety of sports and hanging out with his friends.

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