Student of the Month, January 2015 – Zyanna Casilla

Student of the Month, January 2015 – Zyanna Casilla

We are delighted to announce that Zyanna Casilla was nominated by her peers to be KidsTek’s student of the month!  Zyanna is a junior at Denver’s North High School and is enrolled in the KidsTek Business Computing class, where she is working towards her Microsoft Word and Excel Specialist certifications.  Zyanna was nominated because “she is a good friend and gets work done. She is bright and inspires others,” says a fellow classmate.  Zyanna’s future goals include aiming for the stars, literally, as she hopes to some day be an astronomer. Zyanna really enjoys the math and problem solving involved in astronomy.  Ever since she was a child, she has been curious about how our universe was formed and looks forward to discovering new galaxies.  As Zyanna nears graduation, she is planning to continue her education at a university in Colorado.  Zyanna also relishes in participating in active sports and is on the varsity basketball team at North High School.

When asked about her favorite part of KidsTek, Zyanna replied, “I really like getting experience with Word and working on group projects. I have especially enjoyed the weekly guest speakers that come explain to us how they started their own businesses.”  Zyanna has two younger brothers, one a freshman and one in 3rd grade, and says she is able to better assist them on the computer since taking the class

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