KidsTek Student Discusses her Experience

KidsTek Student Discusses her Experience

Julie Rosales Reyes participated in KidsTek’s Business Computing Microsoft Word class at Florence Crittenton High School during the Spring 2018 semester. From the beginning of the semester, Julie had a warm and inviting personality that shone through more and more as time went on. In honor of the hard work and great example that Julie set as a KidsTek student, Meghan Lang, Program Manager, sat down to interview her about her KidsTek experience and goals for the future.

Meghan Lang: What was your KidsTek experience like?

Julie Rosales Reyes: It was a different experience than all my other electives. I learned so many things that would be useful for my future. I got to spend time with a lot of bright teachers and students. I just love KidsTek!

Meghan: What skills did you learn from KidsTek that you believe will help you in the future?

Julie: I learned all the secrets and details in Microsoft Word, and how to be an expert in it. I learned how to create things on Microsoft Word with my own creativity. The skills that I learned with KidsTek will help me in the future. Also, Miss Emily is a pro, I don’t know how she does it!

After completing KidsTek’s Business Computing class, Julie worked as an intern through the summer at PCs for People, a nonprofit dedicated to providing opportunity to low income individuals and nonprofits through the reuse of computers that they refurbish themselves.

MeghanWhat did you learn through interning with PCs for People?

Julie: I learned how to apply all the Microsoft skills I learned with KidsTek, how to work with many people, and how to problem solve. I gained skills in customer service and communication skills. I met wonderful people which were my coworkers and customers, as well as my supervisor who helped me through everything, she was such a positive person! I loved seeing how the nonprofit, PCs for People, helped others and especially the smile on the customers faces when they saw the help we provided.

Meghan: What do you want to do after high school?

Julie: I want to go to college and either enter the accounting or engineering programs. I want to spend time with my baby and watch him grow up to look up to his mother!

 Julie will be coming back to join KidsTek’s Business Computing Excel Class in the Spring of 2019. KidsTek is proud to recognize Julie and thank her for her authentic personality and hard working spirit in participating in the Business Computing classes for KidsTek.



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