KidsTek Staff Attend Keeping the Dream Alive Conference

KidsTek Staff Attend Keeping the Dream Alive Conference

For the third year in a row, KidsTek management staff have attended the annual “Keeping the Dream Alive” Conference held at the University of Denver.
Since the ASSET act passed in Colorado three years ago, college attainment has become a reality for more students who have grown up in this country, but who lack documentation.
ASSET stands for “Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow,” and ensures that students who have been attending high school in Colorado for at least three years qualify for in-state tuition rates at Colorado colleges.
Keeping the Dream Alive is a professional development conference designed to train educators to better support undocumented students. These students face complex barriers and it’s important that they have trained adults able to help them navigate the system as they seek postsecondary education.
KidsTek staff attended sessions on cultural competency, case studies on undocumented students, and had lunch with current college students who explained their pathway to higher education.
For more information, visit College in Colorado’s ASSET Page:  www.ciccoloradoasset.org
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