KidsTek Specialists Attend “Coolest Women We Know” Dinner

KidsTek Specialists Attend “Coolest Women We Know” Dinner

On January 18th, longtime KidsTek advocate and volunteer, Cindy Miller, hosted a wonderful event for a group called “Coolest Women We Know.” The women of CWWK meet to provide networking, mentoring, promotion and support among women in tech careers.  They also seek to increase the number of women in the tech sector.  “I realized that so many of the women that I network with were technical people that had startups,” explains co-founder Wendy Hall Bohling, “these women were so successful, so terrific and just flat-out cool that I thought: let’s get all of these women together to provide feedback for one another as business women and entrepreneurs.”

KidsTek Program Specialists Keysla Sano and Danielle BeDillon were privileged to be invited to the event in order to speak on behalf of what KidsTek is doing to help generate interest in technology careers for girls in our metro area programs.  Cindy Miller feels that KidsTek’s mission is exactly what the women of CWWK are all about — empowering future technology leaders!  Miller summed it up perfectly by stating, “These women are business leaders… and are all interested in seeing young people get involved in technology because they are our employees and entrepreneurs of the future— we want to foster and acknowledge what KidsTek does.”

The CWWK dinner was hosted at Denver’s Commons on Champa, which also houses KidsTek’s offices. The Commons on Champa was founded last year to support metro area startups in a downtown public campus. Denver continues to make a name for itself as one of the best cities in the country for entrepreneurial opportunities, especially those seeking to start tech businesses. The Commons was a perfect gathering place for this event, and we once again thank the Coolest Women We Know.

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