KidsTek Shares Gratitude for Support from Hinkley Tech Teacher

KidsTek Shares Gratitude for Support from Hinkley Tech Teacher

Sometimes being an outside provider for many different schools can be tricky. KidsTek would not be possible without the help and support of all of our partners within the schools.  Teri Lawson is a Business and Technology teacher at Hinkley High School in Aurora. KidsTek has always been privileged to work in Teri’s room while teaching our class at Hinkley. Teri has been our day-to-day liaison at the school for the past seven years, and our time spent there has been made thoroughly enjoyable due to her. Teri is always willing to help out and go above and beyond to solve any problem that comes up for KidsTek at Hinkley. Instructors Emily Tow and Michelle Lim as well as Program Manager Meghan Lang developed real friendships with Teri during the school year. “We even know her favorite Yankee Candle scents” said Meghan, “as a thank you, we got her a candle at the end of the school year to help remind her how grateful we are for her sincere hospitality and help. We love being at Hinkley and are thrilled that Teri has continued to be so reliable.”

Thank you, Teri for your friendship and support of KidsTek at Hinkley, we appreciate you!

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