KidsTek Serves Warren Village!

KidsTek Serves Warren Village!

KidsTek’s newest program is also one of our most unique. Last week, we launched a new partnership with Warren Village First Step, a residential program supporting Florence Crittenton High School students and recent graduates.

Through the First Step program, current and recently graduated FloCrit students and their children who are facing housing challenges live in communal housing in a converted former nunnery, and have access to supports such as an on-site Family Advocate and life skills classes. KidsTek is excited to be a part of this incredible program as one of its life skills class providers.

“The class at Warren Village is a natural extension of our existing services at FloCrit, especially since some of the residents are former students of ours at the high school,” said Program Director Andrew Bissland. “We are honored to have the opportunity to bring these students some additional supports as they transition into adulthood.”

KidsTek’s monthly classes at Warren Village will focus on combining important life skills such as continuing education planning and workforce readiness with key computer skills and support for whatever tech-related problems students are dealing with. “I love that we have the opportunity to combine life skills and tech education because they really go hand-in-hand,” said Program Manager Emily Tow. “For example, if a student is working on making a resume, they not only need to learn about resume conventions and tips, but also need to understand how to use a word processing program like Docs or Word, how to save the file as a PDF to send out to potential employers, and how to save that resume somewhere that they’ll be able to access and use it in the future.”

Last week, during KidsTek’s first class at Warren Village, Andrew and Emily worked with the residents to identify what they want and need to learn, and started working on career success skills. During this first session, students completed a Myers Briggs-style personality assessment to help them build some vocabulary to describe themselves, their strengths, and other relevant areas for use on resumes and in job interviews.

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