KidsTek Scholarship Program

KidsTek Scholarship Program

What is an obstacle or challenge you’ve overcome? What experience do you have with volunteering? What do you want to do with your life? If these questions are giving you flashbacks to waking up in a cold sweat during your senior year of high school, you’re probably familiar with the often-stressful process of figuring out how to pay for college.

While sorting out financial aid and searching for scholarships is never an easy task, KidsTek students have a bit of a head start thanks to KidsTek’s Nancy J. Sauer Memorial Scholarship. Every year, this fund, named for former KidsTek Board Chair Nancy Sauer, awards scholarships to select KidsTek students during their senior year.

Unlike most scholarships, which can receive hundreds if not thousands of applications every year, this scholarship is only open to students who have taken a KidsTek class as part of their high school career. The smaller pool of applicants, as well as support from KidsTek teachers and staff during the application process, makes this a great place for our students to begin their financial aid journeys.

“Applying for scholarships can be very intimidating, especially for first-generation college applicants like many KidsTek students,” said Senior Instructor Emily Tow. “This scholarship is great because the process is streamlined and straightforward compared to many others, so it’s a great jumping off point for my students.”

In KidsTek’s “Business Computing” and “Life Skills” classes, Tow teaches lessons on college readiness, including costs of different educational options, information on different types of financial aid, and tips on finding and applying for scholarships.

“Our students are amazingly driven young people and deserve every opportunity to accomplish their dreams,” Tow said. “We all benefit when everyone is able to access the education they need, no matter their financial situation.”

The application window for the 2021 scholarship is now closed and this year’s winner (or winners) will be announced this summer, so stay tuned for more KidsTek student success!

Pictured: 2018 scholarship winner Stephanie Mendez with Ron Sauer and Cindy Miller of the KidsTek Scholarship Committee.

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