KidsTek Prepares Students for the Future

KidsTek Prepares Students for the Future

Spring is in full bloom and KidsTek is getting students ready for summer jobs before summer break is here and schools partake in well-deserved time off. We recently hosted a “Soft Skills Day” at Florence Crittenton High School which included networking practice, resume review, and a panel of professionals who answered student-submitted questions about jobs and careers. Our guests included friends of KidsTek who used their years of expertise to help our students.

To start off the day, Florence Crittenton students gave a tour to our guests and shared their day-to-day experiences at the school. The day continued with the group working on their soft skills. “We both appreciated the experience offered, especially the chance to upgrade our resumes to make them more professional,” said students Cindy Truong and Armani Manzanares.

KidsTek would not be able to create experiences like this without volunteers.  Tony Frank, Business Development Manager at PCs for People, participated and said, “The day provided great insight for the students on how to work through future challenges and obstacles. The participants also gained a better understanding of the strong skills they already have and can apply now to career development opportunities.”

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