KidsTek Launches High School Classes for New School Year!

KidsTek Launches High School Classes for New School Year!

KidsTek is very excited to announce that this week we launched our high school elective classes in Aurora for the new school year.  We are teaching at Aurora Central High School and Hinkley High School.  
Our fall semester begins with an “Intro to Computer Systems” class taught by Steve Kessler.  During the spring semester, we will be offering an “Intro to Programming” class.  The class will primarily be teaching the Python programming language to introduce students to the world of coding.  Our classes at Aurora high schools will once again be concurrently enrolled with the Community College of Aurora, giving  our students the opportunity of earning college credits while still in high school.
Steve is shown here with an introductory activity for new computing students: having the class tell him how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich step-by-step.  It’s not as easy as it sounds, and it’s a lesson on how working with computers requires precise language and logic.  
We’ve enjoyed working at high schools in Aurora for many years, and are looking forward to getting to know this year’s students!
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