KidsTek Instructors Prepare for Remote Teaching

KidsTek Instructors Prepare for Remote Teaching

Denver Public Schools and Aurora Public Schools have both announced that they will be transitioning to online learning as they wrap up their respective extended spring breaks this week and next. Governor Polis has ordered that all school buildings in the state remain closed until at least Monday, April 20th.

This means that KidsTek’s high school instructors, Emily Tow and Katy Limes, are currently adjusting their teaching methods to be able to reach their students as during an ever-changing and uncertain time. Instructor Emily Tow said, “We at KidsTek have an advantage in that our students already have a certain base of computer and online skills that we can tap into to support their learning remotely. As our students are becoming more tech literate, they are better able to adapt to online learning through the use of platforms like Schoology and Google Classroom, browser features like screen recording, and collaboration tools in programs such as Google Sheets.”

KidsTek will be implementing distance learning at Aurora’s Hinkley High School and Aurora West College Prep starting on Tuesday, March 31st.  We will begin distance learning in Denver at North High and Florence Crittenton High schools starting on Tuesday, April 7th.  Meghan Lang, Program Manager at KidsTek shared, “Working together as a community is so important at this time. Because of the relationships we have developed within our organization, I have no doubt that we will be able to combine our brainpower and do our very best collaborative job to continue with remote learning for whatever period of time is needed.”

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