KidsTek Instructor Profile – Carl Giboney

KidsTek Instructor Profile – Carl Giboney

Excitement for technology and his passion to share it is apparent in KidsTek’s newest instructor, Carl Giboney. Prior to KidsTek, Carl managed Information Technology for Colorado Department Natural Resources Parks and Wildlife.  As their Chief Technology Officer Carl managed all IT initiatives, projects and programs. Carl spoke highly of this experience, “It was a very rewarding 22 years working to improve the management of our natural resources and helping to improve outdoor recreation opportunities for the public.”

Carl has always had a knack for teaching as well. His objective as a manager all those years was to help develop the skills of his staff and co-workers. These skills were very transferable when Carl began teaching for KidsTek. Now retired, Carl shared, “I can’t think of a better way to contribute to the community than to share my knowledge through teaching with KidsTek. I strongly believe in the motto “reach a few and teach a few”.”

Carl’s favorite part about working with KidsTek is seeing a student engaged and interested in learning something new. He finds it so enlightening to see the maturity and interest from students as they realize they’re learning something that will help them prepare for their future. Carl believes that KidsTek gives young minds the chance to dream and visualize new options for a productive future. When he was asked why technology education is important he said, “It becomes more and more apparent each day that technology education is essential. It is used in everyday activities. It is critical in the workplace and a requirement in furthering one’s education. To compete in today’s arena, basic computer skills are a necessity. A technology education ensures the opportunity to participate in a productive and rewarding future personally and professionally.”

KidsTek is pleased to have you aboard, Carl!









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