KidsTek Instructor Begins Next Adventure

KidsTek Instructor Begins Next Adventure

Quality instructors play a key role in the success of KidsTek. It is because of them that the students learn what they need to know to be more literate in technology. One of these special instructors is Courtney Hermes. Courtney has served as an elementary instructor at KidsTek for over three years. She has continuously shown a hard work ethic, fun-loving spirit and excitement for teaching. Courtney recently accepted a full-time position as a software developer, and is moving on to this next stage of her career.

Courtney spent her time at KidsTek teaching at a number of elementary schools: Fulton, Vaughn, Paris, Sable in Aurora as well as Centennial and DCIS at Fairmont in Denver. During her time with us, she created special relationships with many students, shared her love for creativity and technology, and created a safe learning environment for her students.

“Courtney was a great example of someone that embodies the qualities that KidsTek looks for in their employees.” said Meghan Lang, Program Manager at KidsTek, “We could always count on her to be reliable and come to work with a positive attitude, ready to have fun with the students. Not only will the staff at KidsTek miss her, but her students will definitely remember everything she has taught them for years to come.”

We are so excited to watch as Courtney applies her talent at a new position in software development. The best of luck to you Courtney- we know you will do an excellent job!

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