KidsTek Hosts Guest Educators From Uzbekistan!

KidsTek Hosts Guest Educators From Uzbekistan!

On October 12th, KidsTek’s Business Computing class at North High School hosted some very special guests from Uzbekistan!  Four educators and three translators from the Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program came to Colorado to visit schools.  They came in order to explore the U.S. educational system and classroom teaching methods, as well as getting an overview of current trends in technology education and distance learning. Visiting guests included Mr. Ruslan Kurbanov, Ms. Dilbar Tadjibaeva, Mr. Dilshod Tashpulatov, and Mr. Maksudjan Yuldashev.
Our wonderful Denver North High students prepared a PowerPoint presentation in order to explain more about Colorado and their school, and what they have been learning in the class. KidsTek Executive Director, Richard Liner and Program Director, Andrew Bissland, had the opportunity to explain to the Uzbekistan representatives about what KidsTek is doing to bridge the technology gap in Colorado. We were also joined by the school’s Principal, Scott Wolf and Assistant Principal German Echevarria.
Our guests shared a video with the students about the growth in Uzbekistan’s economy and industry and then the group held a very informative question and answer session with the students.
Ms. Tadjibaeva explained to the students what school is like in their country: “Our educational system is a bit different in that grades 1-4 are elementary, 5-9 is what you would call middle school, and after that it’s entirely up to the student as to whether they want to go to 3 years of vocational school where they prepare for a job, or 3 years in a more academic setting that prepares them for a university.” It was a great opportunity for both our students and staff to learn more about the world.
We are so fortunate to have opportunities like these for our students and are grateful to our international visitors for taking the time to visit North High.
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