KidsTek Host Teacher Profile: Daniel Dumpert

KidsTek Host Teacher Profile: Daniel Dumpert

KidsTek values our wonderful partnerships with the schools that host our computer courses. Daniel Dumpert, a computer teacher at Aurora’s Hinkley High School, has been a good friend to KidsTek for the last two school years. Instructor Katy Limes teaches KidsTek in Daniel’s classroom.  She says, “He’s very helpful with understanding what’s going on at the school and always friendly with me and the students. I’m glad to have him around!”

Daniel teaches PC applications and multimedia classes at Hinkley and is just wrapping up his second full year teaching there. He previously worked at a movie theatre as an IT professional for 17 years and has also dabbled in some computer refurbishing work. When asked about his teaching experience he smiled and said, “I love teaching way more than other tech jobs I have had!” Daniel has an education background in computer science and also has Microsoft and A+ certifications.

Not only does Daniel invest a lot of time teaching during his school day, but he also coaches eSports at Hinkley where students play video games against other high schools in the state. Many students are engaged in this activity and it is largely due to his enthusiasm and willingness to spend time with students after school.

One of the main reasons that Daniel loves teaching technology is because it is crucial for students to be exposed to it. Daniel shared, “It’s so important to make sure students are learning the technology side of life. It is a part of every job they might go into, so it’s so important to bridge that gap!”

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