KidsTek High School Summer Camp!

KidsTek High School Summer Camp!

This summer, KidsTek is holding its second annual summer camp for high schoolers in the Denver area. Throughout the duration of this camp, students will learn skills to create and boost their resumes, perform well in interviews and also earn a certification in business ethics created by the Better Business Bureau. By the end of the camp, each student who works hard with good attendance will receive a free refurbished laptop from KidsTek.

The instructors for the camp are Senior Instructor, Emily Tow, and Program Manager, Meghan Lang. The first part of this year’s camp is focused on the program created by the BBB that teaches young adults about ethics. “Summer classes with KidsTek are so relaxed and fun. There is something about the warm weather and the slower pace of everyone’s day that causes us to take a big breath and just enjoy each other and the learning that is taking place.” said Program Manager Meghan Lang. Once the students finish the ethics program, Emily Tow will be teaching resume building, practicing interviewing skills and delving deeper into the importance of knowing your own personality and matching its strengths and weaknesses with career paths.

Even though the KidsTek High School Summer Camp is brief, it really sets students up with a handful of important skills! Emily Tow said, “After just 3 weeks, KidsTek summer camp students walk away with valuable skills and knowledge, a fresh, professional resume, a respected certification, and a laptop! We always have such fun with our summer camp students and both students and staff get a lot out of the experience.”

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