KidsTek Helps Students Combat “Summer Slide”

KidsTek Helps Students Combat “Summer Slide”

Summer break is usually thought of as a time for kids to relax and rejuvenate. However, most youth will experience learning loss when not engaged in some sort of educational activity.  This “summer slide” can especially effect students that are already struggling to meet grade-level requirements. Students can lose about two months of grade level equivalency in math and reading skills over the summer months. KidsTek recognizes that our students need safe, enriching, and educational programs over the summer and we have partnered with school districts, non-profit organizations and local businesses to offer programs to fulfill this need.
In addition to “bridging the technology gap,” KidsTek helps students with literacy and math skills through our project-based curriculum. KidsTek summer programs strive to offer learning opportunities to help students both retain the information they learned last school year and offer new opportunities for learning.  KidsTek offered a number of programs for middle and high school students this summer. Students attending our summer classes not only learned new skills, but also had the chance to earn laptops and scholarship money!
Tips for avoiding the summer slide:
– Enroll your child in a summer program or camp
– Visit your local museums and libraries
– Take a family trip
– Explore new technology and apps. (check out storybird.com!)
For more information about summer slide, visit: www.summerlearning.org
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