KidsTek Hands-On at Hinkley

KidsTek Hands-On at Hinkley

Andrew Bissland, KidsTek’s Program Director, visited Hinkley High School this week to teach the class how to work with computer networking cable.

Students were paired to each terminate the ends of a CAT-5 computer networking cable.  They stripped the cable ends, put the color-coded wires in the correct order, and attempted to properly attach a connector to the cable ends.

Once the students believed they had correctly made their cable, they used a tester to see if the connections were correctly configured and that the cable successfully carried a signal.

The majority of the class time was spent with the students working precisely with their materials and problem-solving when they did not get the desired outcome.

Andrew has been teaching this project as a guest teacher in KidsTek classrooms for the past few years.  He says “It’s always fun to get students hands-on with technology. This group did a great job and now has a deeper understanding of the course content.”




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