KidsTek Board Members Visit Classrooms

KidsTek Board Members Visit Classrooms

Throughout the last month, KidsTek board members have been visiting classrooms during KidsTek classes in order to experience the organization they support first-hand. With a variety of ages and classes from school to school, board members always get a unique experience, leave with a smile on their face, and have a better understanding of what KidsTek is doing in the classroom.

Recently, two of our board members, Julie Courtney and Megan Hodgins, visited Fulton Elementary in Aurora. These visits showcased the fun, project-based after-school programs where some students were completing projects like creating mock Instagram posts in Microsoft Word to practice formatting pictures and using text boxes. Other students worked to create presentations about their favorite animals in PowerPoint.

Pat Maley was the most recent board member to complete a classroom visit. He came to our class at North High School in Denver. Pat is one of our original board members from the time of our founding in 2000. He said “Throughout the years, seeing how students take the KidsTek opportunity and turn it into a better outcome for themselves has been my favorite part of being involved.”

On the day of Maley’s visit, KidsTek Instructor Emily Tow was teaching the students about the “fill” function in Excel. Students used the “fill” to complete a given series of numbers which, when paired with their respective letter of the alphabet, gave the punchline to a corny Excel joke.

“You have to see an organization in action to add value, ask the best questions, and support the KidsTek team,” Maley stated about his visit to the classroom. It’s important that all of KidsTek’s stakeholders, whether they be board members, instructors, managers, and donors sees the direct impact that their hard work has on the students.






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