KidsTek Begins Virtual Elementary Summer Program!

KidsTek Begins Virtual Elementary Summer Program!

KidsTek instructor Kiki Andriani is thrilled to begin live online classes with students from Kenton Elementary School in Aurora. Summer camp classes began on June 1st and will run through the 25th. These classes are being hosted through Aurora’s COMPASS enrichment program.

Meghan Lang, Program Manager at KidsTek, is also joining these Google Meet video calls to help support Kiki. Meghan shared, “Seeing students face-to-face is so important, even if it is virtually. I can tell that the students are really enjoying seeing their classmates and having fun projects to work on. One of the issues I worry about during this isolated time, is that students are going to miss out on social interactions and developing social skills. I think even seeing each other online is beneficial for these students and their development in that area.”

The KidsTek students have taken initiative and joined in to participate in summer courses online, even though it is optional. Instructor Kiki Andriani said, “Adaptability is so essential during these times of uncertainty and these kiddos are exemplary with their ability to acclimate! I treasure the privilege of teaching and learning from all the imaginative students in the COMPASS program! When combining our creative forces, the possibilities are limitless!”

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