KidsTek Awards Laptops at Middle Schools

KidsTek Awards Laptops at Middle Schools

At the end of every middle school session, KidsTek gives away laptops to deserving students. In KidsTek’s Aurora middle schools, the partnership is with City of Aurora and Aurora Parks and Recreation. Sam Welvaert, City of Aurora’s COMPASS After School Program Coordinator, organizes a ‘Family Night’ at each middle school for the end of the session. This session, KidsTek staff attended to give away laptops as part of the event.

One great thing about Family Night is that all the classes that are offered as part of the after school program get to showcase what they have learned. This includes things like a karate demonstration and a guitar show. After the presentations, there is time for everyone to eat, talk and celebrate the end of another wonderful session of after school programs. Sam reflected on the Family Nights at the middle schools and said “My favorite part is having all the providers and teachers together, and the parents get to see what their child has been a part of. We also get to give out raffle prizes to our students at the end of the dinner. Kids get really amped about the prizes and it’s fun to watch that excitement!” Sam also noted that, “The reason that we have these programs is because the couple hours after school time is one of the most dangerous times for students to be on their own. Often parents may still be at work, so it’s great to have a place they can go after school and pick something they are interested in to learn more about.”

This session, KidsTek awarded six laptops to middle school students at three Aurora middle schools. Select students earn these based on things such as their attendance, respect toward classmates and teachers, and their attitude in class. Each middle school KidsTek instructor nominates the most deserving students. This helps with attendance and rewards for those for attendance and their work in class.  Congratulations to this session’s winners!

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