KidsTek at AY4S!

KidsTek at AY4S!

Texting, disparaging old bosses, answers like “you should hire me because I can chug a bottle of soda in 30 seconds.”  When KidsTek students wrote short scripts envisioning a job interview gone wrong, they pulled out all the worst ideas. “Learning what not to do in a job interview is just as important as learning what you should be doing,” said Senior Instructor Emily Tow, “plus it makes for a very entertaining skit.”

On the other hand, when asked to write a script for a very good job interview, the students showed off their new knowledge of interview etiquette by including handshakes, well-reasoned and polite answers, and even having their characters send thank-yous after the interview.

Every summer, KidsTek staff have the opportunity to teach a three-week, soft skill intensive curriculum through the Aurora Youth 4 Success Program (AY4S). AY4S is celebrating their 11th anniversary in 2019 and KidsTek has been there since the beginning. Created by Colorado State Senator Nancy Todd and her husband Terry Todd, this amazing summer academy gives students the chance to take classes in a variety of career fields, including cosmetology, automotive mechanics, science and engineering, and more.

In KidsTek’s AY4S program, students learn a variety of soft skills from resume building to identifying their own unique strengths and communication styles. In addition, Program Manager Meghan Lang teaches the LIFT Ethics curriculum created by the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau Foundation. “Learning about ethics and receiving a certification from the BBB not only gives students a great resume booster, but also gives them skills that will help them succeed in whatever career they choose.”

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