Student of the Month, July 2015 – Alexandra Palma

Student of the Month, July 2015 – Alexandra Palma

KidsTek is thrilled to add Alexandra Palma as our July student of the month! Alex will be starting her junior year at Adams City High School, where she has completed two semesters of the KidsTek Business Computing class.  She also participated in Swiftpage’s “Swiftie.U” summer program for our students.  KidsTek Program Specialist Lysa Stewart recently had the pleasure of interviewing Alex.
Alex, congratulations on being named the KidsTek student of the month and winning the Swiftie.U scholarship!  You’ve had a busy summer— what do you like to do to relax when you are not at school?
   Some things I enjoy doing while I am not in school include reading, drawing, and making crafts as well as playing with my dogs. I also enjoy playing tennis.
Do you have anyone that inspires you as a role model?
   My role model is my father. He is a very successful person even though he has gone through many struggles. I admire him for that.
Alex, how would you compare your technology skills to your peers?
   My technology skills have improved since I joined KidsTek. Compared to other people’s, my skills are at an “8.” I have learned plenty about Microsoft Office that many people do not know; especially in Word and Excel.
What are your plans after graduating from high school?
  After I graduate from high school, I am hoping to attend the Colorado School of Mines and major in Engineering.
Alex, thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions. I just have one more:  What is your favorite thing about attending KidsTek?
  My favorite thing about KidsTek was that I was offered an opportunity to go to Swiftie.U. I learned many things and got to meet amazing people. Because I had the chance to attend this program, I was able to win a scholarship. This was definitely my favorite part.


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