KidsTek Alum Volunteers in Classroom

KidsTek Alum Volunteers in Classroom

We love to celebrate when we are able to see the effect our program has on students that have participated in KidsTek. That is why we want to recognize our newest volunteer and KidsTek alum, Kevin Diaz De Leon.

Kevin is volunteering for us at STEM Launch, a K-8 school in Adams County. He was originally a KidsTek after school student at STEM Launch when he was in middle school. He is now a sophomore at Northglenn High and dedicates some time each week to volunteer with our current KidsTek program at his former school. When asked about his motivation to work with the younger students, Kevin says, “I wanted to return and help out the next generation of technology students and show them how this club can help them out in future projects for school, and prepare them for their future careers.”

“KidsTek has helped me with my computer skills like creating video games, images, videos, presentations, and music. At first, I didn’t know how to do any of this, but they helped me find new, hidden skills that I didn’t know I could do,” says Kevin.

Kevin’s future plans are “to go to college and learn more about technology, arts and media… mainly advanced game design, graphic design, video production and a little bit more about sound design. I also plan on taking my EDM (Electronic Dance Music) producer/DJ career to the next level and to start performing around the world. Another plan is to design a first-person video game trilogy for consoles and PC’s.”

Kevin has already brought so much personality to our classroom. We are honored to be working with him again, and cannot wait to see what his future holds.

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