KidsTek Alum Visits Moss Adams

KidsTek Alum Visits Moss Adams

Not many high school students have the opportunity for an in-depth tour of a top 15 national accounting firm. This last December, however, KidsTek alum Laura Rosales visited the Moss Adams Denver office to shadow a few employees and learn more about accounting as a career. Laura visited during her last month at Florence Crittenton High School. She is now attending Community College of Denver and plans to pursue a major in accounting by eventually transitioning to a four-year college.

Megan Hodgins, Ruth Marshall, and Hannah Bingham, three Moss Adams employees, hosted Laura during this wonderful learning opportunity. “Everyone was really nice and the experience made me even more excited to pursue my career in accounting. By learning more about the different types of accounting, especially taxes and auditing, I got a deeper understanding of how things were run and what the daily life of an accountant looks like,” Laura said.

Laura shared that she had a different vision of what an accounting office would be like before her visit but was pleasantly surprised by the Moss Adams culture. She was impressed with how strong the sense of community was between the employees. “Megan, Ruth, and Hanna made my experience really fun and provided such a great opportunity for me,” she said. During the visit, Laura learned about each of their roles at the company and toured the building. “They have the best view of the mountains from their office. They also took me out to lunch and treated me with a fun gift bag at the end of the day.”

Thank you to Moss Adams for hosting Laura!




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