August 2018 – Asseya Malki

August 2018 – Asseya Malki

Asseya will be a Sophomore at Lotus School for Excellence in Aurora this Fall. She was a student in KidsTek’s Aurora Youth 4 Success summer program and is our July Student of the Month.

Emily Tow, Senior Instructor with KidsTek, said, “Asseya approached class with a positive, cheerful attitude. Her hand was often up with contributions and great questions. Asseya’s upbeat personality uplifts everyone around her. She’s bright eyed and always looking to the future!”

Asseya dreams of opening her own diner and is also looking into becoming a firefighter when she gets older. Asseya shared, “Starting a diner has always been a passion of mine and I picture it as a safe place for families and kids to enjoy. The reason I want to be a firefighter is because they deal with a lot of people and have such a wonderful family bond within their community. I feel like I would be making a difference.”

Asseya stated that working on her resume with KidsTek was the most helpful part of the program, “I really need to get a job and no one had time to help me build a resume outside of KidsTek. I can now use my knowledge to teach my little sister how to do it too.”

Congratulations, Asseya! We know you have a bright future ahead of you.

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