July 2018 – Angel Gaytan

July 2018 – Angel Gaytan

Angel Gaytan, a 3rd grade student from Barnum Elementary School, was nominated as the July 2018 Student of the Month for his avid curiosity and participation in KidsTek’s summer program hosted at Eagleton Elementary School.

Kiki Andriani, KidsTek Instructor, described Angel as, “an exemplary learner, expressing such great enthusiasm with the exploration of various topics.” Kiki also shared how much she appreciated his attentiveness and enthusiasm for learning. Not only has Angel been excited to come to the KidsTek program, he has also shared ideas for future typing games that Kiki has adapted into her own lesson planning.

Angel is a joy to have in class and embodies the leadership qualities KidsTek aims to bring out in all of our students!

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