January 2019 – Miguel Hernandez

January 2019 – Miguel Hernandez

Miguel Hernandez, a sophomore at Hinkley High School in Aurora, is KidsTek’s Student of the Month for January. Miguel has always been a curious, kind and dedicated student. There have been many occasions where he will stick around in class after the final bell to finish up what he is working on or have a conversation with the instructor.

Miguel has shared that his favorite high school class is our “Introduction to Programming” elective, which he just began this semester with KidsTek Instructor Michelle Lim. He also enjoys math because, in Miguel’s words, “I’m kinda good at it.” Outside of school, Miguel works at Popeyes and especially enjoys the chicken there!

Last semester Miguel was enrolled in KidsTek’s “Introduction to Computing” class with Emily Tow. When asked about her time with Miguel, Tow said, “Miguel’s insightful questions and good-humored nature made him an important class member of “Intro to Computing.” He has a great talent for relating abstract topics to real-world situations and for putting a smile on his classmates’ (and teacher’s!) faces.”

After he graduates from Hinkley, he wants to go to a community college for basic credits and then transfer to a larger university to finish up his schooling. Miguel is interested in studying Aerospace Engineering.

Miguel’s caring nature and his hard work ethic are two of his strengths that will help him to accomplish his future goals and continue to be successful throughout his life.

Congratulations, Miguel!

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