Isaac Osei – March 2021 Student of the Month

Isaac Osei – March 2021 Student of the Month

KidsTek’s Student of the Month for March is sophomore Isaac Osei from Hinkley High in Aurora. Isaac is a fun-loving student who works hard and has many interests. Meghan Lang, Program Manager at KidsTek said, “His lightheartedness and sense of humor brightened my day on more than one occasion. He is very respectful and somehow made virtual learning feel more personal.”

KidsTek’s “Intro to Programming” class at Hinkley has just wrapped up for the current school year. KidsTek Instructor, Katy Limes, said “Isaac was one of the most curious and capable coders and he was a pleasure to have in the class!” Creating a classroom community online is definitely tricky, but it was a bit easier this semester because of students like Isaac.

In his free time, Isaac enjoys playing chess or watching anime. Overall, he stays pretty busy and does not tend to have a lot of time to spare. After high school, Isaac is not sure exactly what career path he would like to pursue, but is currently really interested in the stock market and investing in general. KidsTek’s “Intro to Computing” and “Intro to Programming” classes seemed like a great fit for him from the start. Isaac shared, “I really liked the content that we covered in this class. Especially the first part of this session, I felt it was so practical and useful. And a lot of the stuff I learned about I still apply in my daily life. The interactions I had with the other students and the teacher were pretty fun, too!”

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