iPad Program at Fulton Elementary

iPad Program at Fulton Elementary

As announced in the fall, KidsTek is back teaching at Fulton Elementary School in Aurora!  About two years ago, KidsTek taught math on computers at Fulton and we are excited to be back at such a great school teaching a new program using their newly-acquired iPads.
The focus of the class is to help students learn iPad basics in order to help in the creation of student work portfolios, a goal of the school.  Students use portfolios to package, reinforce and reflect what they are learning during the school day. “It’s a creative way for students to demonstrate learned concepts,” states KidsTek Program Director, Andrew Bissland.
Some of the iPd apps the students have been using are Book Creator, Bitsboard and Koma Koma, all of which have enabled the students to become more familiar with how to create work using apps. These apps in particular are focused on innovative ways of learning and presenting information. The most recent project the students have been working on is a digital flip book lesson plan created by KidsTek instructor, Alanna Hernandez. She explains, “It was a fun project that allowed the students to be creative and expressive while telling a story. They really enjoyed using iPads creatively.”
We look forward to seeing more original and inventive iPad projects at Fulton Elementary School!
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