Instructor Profile:  Kiki Andriani

Instructor Profile:  Kiki Andriani

Kiki Andriani is a KidsTek after school instructor at STRIVE Prep – Ruby Hill Elementary School, but this isn’t her first school year with us, having previously taught for KidsTek about eight years ago.

In addition to teaching at Ruby Hill twice a week, Kiki also serves as a substitute instructor at other sites when needed. Earlier this month, she filled in at North Middle School in Aurora, where she led students in creating a PowerPoint about someone that inspires them. To kick off the lesson, Kiki shared her own presentation describing her mother; “She taught us to be kind, caring, and always fills our hearts with joy!” One of the students chose another family role model, her sister, who she is admittedly jealous of for getting good grades. The student shared that she chose her sister as her inspiration because, “she is always there for me.”

Through this project, students practiced their PowerPoint skills by learning how to compose slides, add photos and use transitions. Kiki said the students were so engaged in creating their presentations that she was “blessed to have the opportunity to connect with these bright students, that actually in turn, inspire me.”

Kiki says that, “Teaching for KidsTek is invigorating because I can teach from the heart- rather than to an assessment- thus forming genuine relationships with students and learning from them as well. KidsTek provides a bridge for the technology divide, that unfortunately still exists, even in the 21st-century! There has been immense growth since I initially taught for KidsTek. One thing that has remained the same, however, is the enthusiasm I see with all the students when they learn something new and connect it to their lives!”

In addition to our mission statement, KidsTek adheres to five core values created by our full team at the beginning of this program year.  Kiki’s teaching style is an example of Value #2: “Genuine relationships.”

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