The Importance of Organizational Culture

The Importance of Organizational Culture

Last week, KidsTek team members Andrew Bissland, Meghan Lang and Casey McCoy-Simmons attended a training labeled “Your Flock’s True North: Energizing Organizational Culture From Any Vantage Point.” The training was led by DQUAC (Denver Quality Afterschool Connection) and offered a wide variety of information surrounding organizations’ cultural myths and how to debunk them, reflection on past company culture experiences, and tools to use in order to create and be aware of what a healthy staff culture may look like.

The keynote speaker for the day, Amy Brady, spoke about how ‘Influence Occurs in a Moment.’ The five steps that she highlighted to have a positive influence were: 1. Show Up. This means that it is important to be present and be the best you can be in that present moment. 2. Suspend Judgment. Often times our preconceived notions or understanding about a person or a situation get in the way of having an influence on someone or something. It is important to set those thoughts aside and start with a blank slate. 3. Use your Voice. Don’t forget to speak up for things that matter. 4. Shift your Perspective. Sometimes there is a road block right in front of your face that makes it impossible to see a situation from a different perspective. It is important to remind ourselves that we can see something familiar in a completely new light. 5. Remember Humanity. Everyone has their own unique experience, and we must remember to be kind to each other. She shared that these five steps will help us to do our best job at influencing others, even in tough situations.

Overall, this training encouraged the audience to practice awareness in our own actions and habits and become more aware of how these contribute to our own organization’s culture. Andrew, Meghan and Casey brought back a few new skills that will continue to grow and develop a positive culture for the future of KidsTek.

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