IC3 Certifications at Hinkley High

IC3 Certifications at Hinkley High

Each year, during our Introduction to Computing class at Hinkley High School, high-achieving students are given the opportunity to take the Internet Core Competency Certification (IC3). This certification scores KidsTek students on their understanding of basic computer literacy skills including hardware, software, networks, and operating systems. Having a certification proving competency in these areas can be beneficial in many different jobs. A number of students in our KidsTek class at Hinkley High School have recently earned IC3 certifications.

This certification is challenging to earn, and requires passing three individual exams in different content areas. “Any time a student puts forth the effort to complete something like the IC3 certification, it is a big deal. It’s a great way to have them stand out from their peers and show that they are motivated to work hard for something they want.” says KidsTek Program Manager Meghan Lang. Many of the students that enroll in the Introduction to Computing class and Introduction to Programming class at Hinkley High School are interested in pursuing careers in IT. KidsTek offers technology certifications to our students in order to help our graduates to be more prepared for the modern workplace.

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