Hinkley Students Visit Turing School

Hinkley Students Visit Turing School

High school students don’t often visit boot camps, but when they do, the boot camp is of the programming variety. The Turing School of Software and Design is a local programming boot camp that has worked with KidsTek over the last year. Most recently, students from KidsTek’s “Intro to Programming” class at Hinkley High School were offered the opportunity to visit their downtown campus.

Meghan Lang, Program Manager at KidsTek shared, “JoAnne Liu, Community Engagement Manager at Turing, organized a wonderful trip for our students. We were able to have a group discussion with Turing students and alums, sit in on a couple classes and further explore our students’ interest in the technology world.” Miguel Hernandez, sophomore in KidsTek’s programming class said, “Going to Turing showed me that with hard work you can accomplish what you want to do.”

For the last four months, this KidsTek class has been learning all there is to know about the basics of coding. The visit to Turing was a great way for them to see their newly learned skills come to life. Miguel has found a true passion for coding since the start of the semester. “Programming is really cool because if I can find a way to write it in code, I can make anything happen,” he said.

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