Hinkley Students Build Computer Games

Hinkley Students Build Computer Games

KidsTek students at Hinkley High School in Aurora are enrolled in an intro to programming class this spring, learning the Python programming language. For the past week, they have had a diversion from their regular course content, using their creativity to build 2D computer games using a web-based programming platform called Actimator. This activity is being used as a building block for students to understand code and contribute to their knowledge of computer programming. It is clear that the students are understanding the concept at a more basic level to partner with the information they learn in class and in their textbooks.

Students Byron and Kellen said, “We struggled at first, but over time we learned how to use the program and it was a lot of fun!” There was certainly a lot of laughter and sharing during the creation of this project. Fatima, a sophomore in our class at Hinkley, said, “It is cool to create a game when you have played something like it. It makes you feel smart.”

Nice work, Hinkley students!

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