Hinkley Student Visits PCs for People!

Hinkley Student Visits PCs for People!

One of the things that sets KidsTek programs apart from other enrichment and elective classes is the focus KidsTek puts on developing a wide variety of skills. KidsTek is primarily a technology program, however teaching soft skills, career skills and guiding students to find success past high school are all part of the KidsTek package.

Last week, a student from Aurora’s Hinkley High School visited the PCs for People office in Denver to learn more about recycling and refurbishing electronics. Caitlin Nelson, Community Impact Manager in Denver, gave a tour of the facility that walked through each of the areas of importance in computer recycling and refurbishing. Mark Kepf, Denver Production Manager and Ricardo Martinez, Denver Warehouse Manager, gave more information about their specialties and also talked about a summer internship opportunity that is offered at PCs for People which students can apply for. The tour finished off by visiting Aaron Burke, Secure Data Specialist, in the back of the warehouse where visitors are able to actually shred a hard drive.

KidsTek Program Manager, Meghan Lang, says “Opportunities like this are a great representation of what makes KidsTek at PCs for People so unique. I wanted to provide an informative and motivating experience for a student who has expressed an interest in pursuing IT but needs a little extra guidance and support. My colleagues were so helpful in making this a worthwhile experience for this student and likely had a serious impact on his future.”

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