Hinkley High Students Visit ViaWest Compark Data Center

Hinkley High Students Visit ViaWest Compark Data Center

Last week, a group of high school students from our programming class at Hinkley High School visited ViaWest’s Compark Data Center. KidsTek has worked with ViaWest for a long time and is proud to be able to share the incredible work they do with our students. The trip began with a gathering in their conference room, which overlooks the data center. Student Jason Thach said, “The huge glass window showcased all of the servers and showed a whole room with different data connections. It was really neat.” Students learned more about cloud computing and the role each employee plays in keeping ViaWest running. At the end of the trip, our students got a tour of the facility. Student Stephanie Lopez said, “The whole experience was amazing. I especially enjoyed the tour of the data center.”

Thank you, ViaWest!

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