Hinkley High School

Hinkley High School

The summer has come to an end for Aurora’s Hinkley High School students and KidsTek is thrilled to start off a new school year providing an “Introduction to Computing” class for the fall semester.  The 2018-2019 school year began with a class full of wonderful personalities and some fun ice breakers.  Instructor Emily Tow taught the same course last school year at Hinkley, and is excited to begin with a new group.  She says, “Even when it’s the same subject matter, having new students keeps the class fresh and fun!”  So far, this group of students has proven to be an intelligent and engaging group.

Kaylee Nave, a new student in the class says, “I think this class is going to be great in helping me get my future dream job.”  The “Introduction to Computing” class that is offered this semester focuses mainly on software, hardware and the internet, and helps students in preparation for our “Introduction to Programming” class in the spring semester at Hinkley.  As part of the “Introduction to Computing” class, students will have the opportunity to take the IC3 (Internet Core Competency) Certification towards the end of the semester.  This certification is a wonderful resume item and a certified skill that will help students stand out in the job market.

It is such a joy to watch the students grow and learn throughout each semester.  KidsTek is excited to see all of the things that this new class will accomplish!

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