High School Student Quotes

High School Student Quotes

As we reflect on another successful program year, we thought we’d share some quotes from our high school students from this past school year…

“I know how to make my assignments in other classes better with the skills I gained in KidsTek.”

“Learning how to talk to grown-ups professionally was a big deal for me.”

“I feel more confident when talking to adults, I used to get really nervous but not so much anymore.”

“As a freshman I am way ahead of my classmates, they do not know how to do what I can with Microsoft Office programs and they ask for my help all the time, and my other teachers are all impressed with what I can do.”

“I learned how to feel more comfortable and confident with myself and I can socialize with my peers and adults with ease.”

“In class we learned and created our own resumes and cover letters.  I took this lesson home and taught my mother how to as well.”

“I have made great friends in this class and am so happy to have had the opportunity to be in the KidsTek class.”

“Being a part of a couple of KidsTek fundraisers allowed me to practice speaking professionally about myself, my goals and my desired career for when I grow up.”

“I am grateful to have met helpful professionals who are willing to be my mentor and connect me with their friends in the nursing and medical field.”

“KidsTek was a great addition to this year, making connections with my classmates was awesome, I came to this school new this past semester as a junior and this class helped me feel like I belonged here.  Miss Kovach and Miss Keysla are the coolest teachers I have ever had, and I will miss them next year!”

Each year we are even more impressed with the students in our classes. We are looking forward to the new school year!

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