KidsTek Working to Increase Number of Women in Tech

KidsTek Working to Increase Number of Women in Tech

It’s no secret that there is a significant gender gap within the tech sector.  KidsTek is working to bring more women into technology careers by inspiring the girls in our programs.
It is predicted that by 2022, there will be 1.2 million computing-related job openings, making it the fastest growing sector in professional occupations. However, in 2014 only 26% of computer-related careers were being held by women. And with only 6% of corporate CIO positions currently being held by women, many researchers believe that lack of female role models and mentors could be turning women away from the field.  Pay equality may also be a factor. Among MBA graduates, fewer women than men choose to go into tech-intensive fields, and when women with MBAs do enter the tech workforce, they tend to start out in lower-level, lower-paying positions than their male co-workers. Women are also more likely to leave the tech industry due to the biases that are entrenched within the tech community. Anna Beninger, Research Director at Catalyst, Inc., says “The industry has some significant culture issues, and it’s really damaging their ability to attract the best talent.”
At KidsTek, we believe that it is imperative that that we work toward providing equal opportunities for men and women in the technology sector. KidsTek impacts hundreds of girls each year, with an average of 45% of our participants being female. We engage our students with opportunities that empower young women by partnering with many other organizations that specifically reach out to girls interested in computer technology. We also have three female Program Specialists that mentor the girls who attend our classes, with the hope of inspiring them to pursue futures in tech leadership.
Bridging the gender gap is one of the many things we work on in order to conquer the digital divide. We’re so proud to be working with many amazing young women.
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