Grateful for our Staff and Partners

Grateful for our Staff and Partners

Looking back on KidsTek’s work in 2020, what stands out most is the amazing work of all of our staff and students in adapting to continually changing circumstances. While the year started off normally enough, transitioning to remote learning in the spring and continuing through the summer and first semester of the new school year has been a challenge for all involved. We are so grateful for the amazing administrators and other staff at our partner schools who have worked hard to make sure our students were able to continue learning with KidsTek through it all!

KidsTek students have also done amazing things throughout this year. Our Students of the Month are certainly stand outs, but there are so many more students who have worked hard to succeed during this year. We have developed new avenues of communication with students, including synchronous online classes and teacher office hours over Google Meet. Our students have met each new challenge with aplomb. Each and every student who has worked to continue learning throughout this year deserves our kudos and we are so proud of their hard work.

We would also like to recognize the amazing KidsTek staff for their hard work this year. Our fantastic admin team, Program Director Andrew Bissland and Program Manager Meghan Lang, have excelled in supporting instructors and students and developing new ideas and methods for remote learning. Our Executive Director Rich Liner and KidsTek’s Board of Directors have continued to ensure that KidsTek has the funding and community relationships we need to keep doing our important work. And our amazing instructors, Max Lewis, Kiki Andriani, Katy Limes, and Emily Tow have done an incredible job in connecting with students and adapting their curricula to remote learning. Great job KidsTek team!

As we close out the year, we want to thank everyone who has supported KidsTek and helped to ensure that we continue to provide high-quality education to our students, no matter what the format. We greatly appreciate all of you and we can’t wait to continue our work into the new year and beyond!

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