There wasn’t a dry eye in the room last night at the Florence Crittenton High School graduation ceremony. The seniors, including KidsTek students Angelina Contreras and Eileen Villalba, not only walked the stage to receive their diplomas, but also had the opportunity to speak about their time at Florence Crittenton. Part of the school’s traditional ceremony involves each senior dedicating a rose to people in their lives, both at home and at school, who were integral to their success. Roses were dedicated to parents, to teachers, and to the students’ children. But the dedications focused on a central theme: without this community of support, these teen moms would not be where they are today.

Credit is also due to the seniors themselves. One graduating KidsTek senior moved to the US when she learned she was pregnant, leaving her family and everything she knew behind to give her child the greatest opportunity for success. Another recently got her first job, using the resume creation and interviewing skills she learned in KidsTek classes. KidsTek Senior Instructor Emily Tow said, “The perseverance of my students at Florence Crittenton is incredible. These girls have fought to complete their educations against incredible obstacles. Their spirit and drive impress me every day and inspire me to be the best teacher I can be.”

Teachers are not the only ones impressed with KidsTek’s students at Florence Crittenton; KidsTek’s scholarship committee recently chose two Flo Crit seniors as scholarship recipients. Attendees at KidsTek’s annual golf tournament luncheon will have the opportunity to hear from these impressive young women and offer words of encouragement as they begin the next phase of their lives.

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