We made it! After a school year like no other, KidsTek staff and students are ready for summer. But before everyone goes off for some fun in the sun, KidsTek staff were happy to have the opportunity to celebrate our students’ accomplishments with in-person graduation ceremonies.

“At the end of the year last year,” said Senior Instructor Emily Tow, “everyone was still figuring out pandemic life and the risk was high, so we didn’t get to celebrate much in person with our students. I’m so happy we got to congratulate our amazing seniors in person this year!”

Program Director Andrew Bissland, Program Manager Meghan Lang, and Tow all attended the Florence Crittenton High School graduation ceremony and reception. There, seniors who took KidsTek classes during their high school years received a green cord to signify their technological expertise as part of their graduation regalia.

“Many of the students who graduated this year were in several of my classes at Flo Crit over the last few years, including one student who was in the very first Flo Crit KidsTek class!” said Tow. “It’s been amazing to see their progress and I expect wonderful things from them in the future.”

Congratulations to the class of 2021! Keep in touch and do great things!

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