Gaming in the Classroom!

Gaming in the Classroom!

Do you remember playing review Jeopardy in history class? Maybe you even have fond memories of playing Oregon Trail on an Apple II. Though the technology has advanced, games are still an important part of classroom learning. This is even more true now that most students are trying to figure out remote learning.

Many students struggle to focus when trying to learn at home and video lectures or Google Docs worksheets don’t quite have the cache of dying of dysentery just past Kansas City. Luckily, KidsTek instructors are used to making technology fun and have a ton of online tools that teachers (and parents) can use to help keep kids engaged with learning.

Kahoot is a wonderful quiz and review program that Senior Instructor Emily Tow uses often with her high school classes. “Kids love that they can use their devices to answer questions projected on the board and it really brings out their competitive nature!” said Tow. “Plus, if you ever have a little extra time at the end of class, there are a bunch of pre-made quizzes on basically any topic you can imagine. The kiddos always beg to do some extra games just for fun.”

Anyone who has spent time on TikTok knows that Generation Z loves making videos. Among its many features, Flipgrid allows teachers and students to make short video responses to post for the class. Users can add TikTok style captions, use the screen as a whiteboard, or even send invites to families to contribute their own videos to the class collection.

Finally, Flippity is a great study resource that transforms Excel spreadsheets into flashcards, random name pickers, Bingo boards, and more. Teachers will love the ease with which they can make worksheets and other materials and students will appreciate not having to write out 100 index cards’ worth of vocab words.

These are just a few of the great learning resources that KidsTek instructors use every day. Do you have any other favorites? Tag us on social media with your suggestions!

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