Florence Crittenton Students Learn About Health Insurance

Florence Crittenton Students Learn About Health Insurance

Premiums, deductibles, pre-existing conditions, oh my! Health insurance can be very confusing, especially for young people seeking coverage on their own for the first time. This week, in KidsTek’s newest program, the “Future Choices” class at Florence Crittenton High School, students had the opportunity to learn more about how health insurance works from an expert.

Throughout the semester, the students in “Future Choices” have engaged in a variety of project-based lessons to learn about valuable life skills including health and wellness topics. KidsTek Senior Instructor Emily Tow says, “This class is focused on those things adults all wish we had learned in high school, through the lens of widely-applicable computer skills. All kids, especially the mothers at Florence Crittenton, should understand their options and resources for attaining high-quality healthcare.”

Ron DeVries works with GLBT Community Center of Colorado as the Healthcare Enrollment Project Manager. Ron generously volunteered to come to Florence Crittenton to give KidsTek students an overview of how the American health insurance industry works, from basic terminology and cost structures to Affordable Care Act marketplaces and assistance programs for low-income Americans.

“Future Choices” students will continue to learn about health and wellness this semester, as well as topics such as basic home economics, finance, and more. They will also have the opportunity to earn a LIFT Business Ethics certification.


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