Facilitating Career Interest with High School Students

Facilitating Career Interest with High School Students

This summer, KidsTek was a program provider for Aurora Youth 4 Success, a summer enrichment program for Aurora teens. At the beginning of each program day for the July program, students ate a lunch which was sponsored by a different company or guest which spoke during lunch about their career experiences. AY4S staff called this the “Lunch and Learn” portion of the day.

Employees from Comcast, Aurora Police Department, South Metro Fire Rescue, local car dealerships, Lockheed Martin, and many more have visited to share a piece of their work lives with the students. During the presentation, each guest talked about what it is like to work in their industry. This exposed the students to many different careers, companies and individuals.

One guest that stuck out was the visit by the South Metro Fire Rescue. They provided about eight employees that tried to really get to know the students and their interests. During lunch, the firefighters sat with students at their tables and ate with them. What followed was an inspirational talk from one of the firefighters that highlighted not giving up, persevering through hardships, and not listening to people who say that “you won’t be able to do that.” After that, the fire chief spoke about what a gift it is to be able to work with so many people who are there to serve the community and keep them safe. He shared the options and opportunities that were present in their field. It was clear that the team was one of integrity, compassion, hard work, and dedication.

The South Metro Fire Rescue visitors wrapped up their day by showing off some of the vehicles that they used, protective clothing they wore, as well as a dog that helps to sniff out bombs. This visit was a highlight of the Lunch and Learn series at the 2019 Aurora Youth 4 Success program.

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